Anticipatory oral health guidance : 

Anticipatory guidance is defined as proactive counseling of parents and patients (by the dentist prior to the event of actual happening) about developmental changes that will occur in the interval between health supervision visits that includes information about daily caretaking specific to that upcoming interval. This guidance has a defined protocol for every age group in it, starting from 6 to 12 months to adolescence.The six major areas, which are covered in anticipatory guidance include:

  1. Oral development :


  • Eruption of first tooth
  • Eruption schedule
  • Teething problems

2.Fluoride adequacy :

  • Water evaluation and supplementation
  • Breast feeding
  • Formula milk
  • Safety of fluoride
  • Topical fluoride agents

3.Oral hygiene : 

  • Mouth cleaning
  • Brushing position
  • Consequence of inadequate cleaning

4.Diet and nutrition :

  • Breast feeding
  • Formula milk
  • Weaning
  • Role of plaque
  • Early childhood caries

5.Habits :

  • Non nutritive sucking pacifiers

6.Injury or trauma prevention :


  • Child abuse
  • Accidents
  • Car safety
  • Electric cord safety
  • Emergency instructions